What is a LED Stroboscope?

stroboscope application

A stroboscope also known as a strobe, is capable of emitting brief and rapid flashes of light to make rotating, reciprocating, oscillating or vibrating objects appear stationary for inspection and measurement.  LED stroboscopes use an array of light-emitting diodes (LED), instead of conventional Xenon flash tubes.  LEDs are compact, less fragile, use less energy and last longer than conventional flash tubes making LED stroboscopes durable, drift free and long… Read more »

How to Use a Durometer

Durometer Scales Durometers that measure the hardness of rubber and plastic are available in a range of scales from foam rubber to hard plastic. The Shore A, B, C, D, E scales are technical standards described by ASTM D2240, Standard Test Method for Rubber Property. Asker C scale is described by the Japanese Standards Association, JIS… Read more »

What is a Durometer?

durometer measuring hardness

A durometer is a device used to measure the hardness of a wide variety of materials, from soft rubbers and polymers to hard plastics. Hardness measurements are used for quality control or comparison purposes. Durometers with varying levels of sophistication and accuracy may be used depending upon the application. Analog hand-held durometers with or without… Read more »