Plastic or Glass Encoder Discs for OEM

OEM Disc And Linear Encoders

Plastic or Glass Encoder Discs for OEM

High-resolution plastic or glass encoder discs are the latest technology for highly reliable manufacturing processes and high-tech product lines.

They feature resolutions up to 1,270 lpi and made of polycarbonate, PET film or soda-lime glass with temperature ranges up to +120°C. Discs can be transmissive or reflective with A, B, and D signals.

These high resolution encoder discs are a perfect match for OEM applications to control speed and timing of electric motors, robots, printers and scanners, computer sewing machines, etc. Double-sided tape and hubs are also available for mounting.

  • Circular, linear and custom designs available
  • Low cost
  • RoHS compliant
Material Polycarbonate (PC) Photographic Film (PET) Soda-Lime Glass
Max. Diameter (mm)180
OD Tolerance (mm) ±0.1
Burrs (mm) ≤0.02 ≤0.02 ≤0.05
ID Tolerance (mm) +0.05/-0 +0.02/-0 ±0.1
Thickness (mm) 0.18/0.25/0.5/0.7/1.0/1.5/2.0 0.18 0.55/0.7/1.0/1.1
Flatness (mm) ≤0.03 ≤0.03 ≤0.01
Transparency (%) ≥90% ≥90% ≥90%
Operating Temp (°C) -40°~120° -20°~85° -40°~120°
Layer Material aluminum/chromium chromium chromium
Thickness (mm) 100nm
Max. Resolution (lpi)1270
Bar/Window Accuracy (mm) ≤0.003
Concentricity of Code Track (mm) ≤0.005