Temperature-Controlled Auto Durometer

TD-1000 Temperature-Controlled Auto Durometer

TD-1000 Temperature-Controlled Auto DurometerTD-1000 Temperature-Controlled Auto Durometer with Air Lock TechnologyTD-1000 Durometer Enclosure With Air Lock Test ChamberTD-1000 Temperature-Controlled Chamber With 20 Sample CarouselFlexible Coupling Aligns To Angled Surfaces

Temperature-Controlled Auto Durometer

TD-1000-A Shore A scale, Normal rubber
TD-1000-D Shore D scale, Hard rubber & plastics
TD-1000-D0 Shore D0 scale, Dense textile windings
TD-1000-C Asker C scale, Soft rubber
TD-1000-E Asker E scale, Soft rubber & sponge

Temperature is a crucial factor in rubber hardness testing. Samples moved to a testing location are exposed to temperature variations which will yield inaccurate results. TD-1000 tests without exposing samples to changes in temperature while the durometer remains at room temperature for proper operation.

Air lock technology

TD-1000 auto durometer features a temperature-controlled sample chamber to stabilize samples at a desired temperature (-40° to 150°C) and an air lock chamber to maintain samples at the desired temperature during the test. In addition, all samples are placed in individual metal holders which also maintain temperature while testing is being done.

Simple touch screen operation

Operation and program functions are controlled using the touch screen LCD panel or remotely using an ethernet connection. Digital speed control and a unique, flexible coupling ensure perfect contact for consistent results. Dual timers record “creep” and data can be sent in CSV format to a PC with optional data acquisition software.

  • Temperature-controlled Air Lock testing chamber
  • Advanced temperature-controlled chamber (-40°~150°C) with 20 sample carousel
  • Two programmable timed readings available, ideal for measuring creep, up to 60 sec.
  • Three separate measurements at different locations can be made on each sample
  • Unique flexible coupling automatically aligns to surface of sample
  • Digital speed control 0.1~19.9 mm/sec
  • Short durometer probe compliant with ISO and ASTM presser foot standards
  • RS-232 and ethernet
  • Optional data acquisition software available

TD-1000 Specifications

ScalesA, D, D0, E, C
Indicator Range0- 100 points in 0.1 increments
Temp. Range-40° ~ 150°C in 0.5° increments

25° to 150°C increase in 30 min

25° to -40°C decrease in 60 min
SamplesSize: 29 mm dia. x 12.5 mm thick

20 samples max.
Data OutputRS-232C, Ethernet, CSV format
DimensionsW950 x D1050 x H1650 mm
Weight250 kg
Power200 VAC, 3 Phase