ATD Auto Durometer

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ATD Auto Durometer

Auto Durometer

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ATD Auto Durometer Hardness Tester

ATD auto durometers are designed for consistent hardness testing of rubber and plastics using constant load, speed and time controls to meet ASTM 2240 standards. The auto height adjustment and programmable clearance enable efficient test setup. Multiple scales can be tested using the appropriate durometer and weight.
ATD auto durometers are easily programmed using the highly visible OLED menu screens and push-buttons. Select peak, timer hold (single or dual timers) or real time mode. The Auto Average function automatically averages a selectable number of readings in peak or timer modes. Timers record the decrease in value from the peak as time elapses.
The fast approach function starts the test at maximum speed and slows to the preset measuring speed at the specified clearance. Use USB commands to start, stop and output test results.
Hardness data can be transmitted via USB with the included cable or wirelessly. Or stored in the 400 data memory. Optional data acquisition software is available.
Optional Data Acquisition Software
SW-1-TK hardness data acquisition software is a highly customized Excel spreadsheet designed to capture and analyze data from TKD digital durometers. The spreadsheet provides a running log of all measurements along with a profile and statistical information including max, min, mean, and standard deviation.

  • OLED displays are visible in dark environments
  • Simple operation: Press the MEASURE button (or send an ASCII command)
  • Modes: Peak, Single/Dual Timer Hold and Real Time
  • High/low setpoints and color-coded LEDs for Go/No Go testing
  • Auto Average– averages a selectable number of readings.
  • Auto Height Adjustment
  • Fast Approach then slowing to measuring speed minimizes overshoot
  • Program menu security lock
  • Rugged metal construction
  • True compliance to ASTM D2240. Calibration cert traceable to NIST included. Optional ISO-17025 certificate available
  • Optional Auto Contact adapter automatically aligns the durometer foot parallel to the sample surface
ModesAuto, Manual, TK Mode (only appears when TKD/X digital durometer is connected)
Speed0.5 - 20.0 mm/sec
UnitsSelectable mm/sec or inch/sec
Timer0.5 – 9.9 in 0.1 sec increments, 10 – 99 in one sec increments.
45mm with Auto Contact adapter
Model (durometer included)For Durometer Scale
ATD-AShore A
ATD-BShore B
ATD-EShore E
ATD-OShore O
ATD-CShore C
ATD-DShore D