Automatic Foam Hardness Tester

AF-400 Foam Hardness Tester

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Automatic Foam Hardness Tester

Product Description

Model AF-400 Automatic Foam Hardness Tester is designed and constructed to meet hardness test quality control standards for foam rubbers, urethane foams and various other plastic foams used as cushion materials for car seats, furniture and bedding.

A series of thumbwheel switches is used to quickly setup test conditions without complicated programming. The perforated sample bed allows air to escape, the ball joint on the pressure foot adjusts to angled surfaces and onboard dot matrix printer prints the test results for quick, simple operation

AF-400 measures both compression force and thickness. Minimum force reading 1N, Minimum thickness reading 0.1 mm.

The completely automated testing process compresses up to three preset percentages of sample thickness and measures force or compresses up to two preset force settings and measures thickness and records the measurement data in one procedure.

  • Dual Timer Peaks, Peak and Real time Modes
  • Auto zero thickness setting
  • Tares the weight of test fixture
  • Measures the initial thickness of the sample
  • Preliminary compression (percentage adjustable by thumbwheel)
  • Compresses and measures force up to three thickness percentages (adjustable by thumbwheel)
  • Compresses and measures thickness up to two preset force values
  • Maintains pressure for preset interval
  • Prints out the measurement data (can also be downloaded via RS-232)
Standards ISO 3386, ISO 2439, JIS K 6400
Pressure Foot 200 mm dia. (ball joint)
Speed 50 ~ 600mm/min.
Holding Duration Timer 0 ~ 999 sec.
Printer Dot matrix
Thickness 550mm(max.), Resolution: 0.1mm
Force 2,000N (4,000N overload capacity),
Resolution: 1N
Output RS-232
Dimensions (mm) 1092W x 700D x 2040H
Weight Net: 300 kg, Gross: 425 kg (in wood crate)