DIW-4W Digital Torque Wrench

DIW Digital Torque Wrench / Tester

DIW Digital Torque Wrench / TesterDIW-15 Digital Torque WrenchDIW Digital Torque Wrench KitQuick spinners allow users to quickly  rundown the bolt or nut using their fingers before applying torque.Quick Spinner/Converters allow users to quickly rundown the bolt or nut using their fingers before applying torque.DIW torque wrench with drive-centered sensor can be gripped anywhere.DIW wrench head swivels 300°DIW data acquisition

DIW-4W Digital Torque Wrench

DIW-4W capacity 35 lbf-in

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The DIW-4W Digital Torque Wrench is ideal for checking application and removal torque of bolts or other fasteners up to 35 lbf-in.  The wrench head swivels 300° and can be used in tight spaces. With the unique drive centered torque sensor, users will get consistent readings no matter where or how the wrench is gripped. Torque controlled wrenches can be evaluated by comparative tests on sample fasteners. Both breakaway and loosen tests can be performed. The rugged design of the wrench is tough enough to withstand a production environment. The testers have an accuracy of ±0.5%, ± 1 LSD. The DIW digital torque wrench has programmable setpoints to be used for pass fail testing. A Green/Red LED indicator and an audible beep are used to notify when the target torque value has been reached.

Torque Data Acquisition Software

This wrench is compatible with SW-1SV-USB Torque Data Acquisition Spreadsheet. Peak and continuous data can be downloaded through the USB virtual COM port. Continuous data can be transmitted to the spreadsheet at 12 or 180 data per second.

What’s Included?

DIW-4W testers come with a 3-Point Certificate traceable to NIST. ISO Certificates are available at an additional charge. All testers are sold in a complete kit with tester, hard plastic carrying case, stepless one-way clutch and AC adapter/charger. All gauges can run on the internal rechargeable batteries or the AC adapter/charger.

DIW-4W Digital Torque Wrench Ranges

Accuracy ± 0.5% F.S., ±1 LSD
ModelCapacityDrive Size

DIW Standard Features

  • Drive-Centered Torque Sensor apply load anywhere on the tester,
    not just the load point, and achieve consistent results
  • Rechargeable internal NiMH batteries (8 hour use) and AC Adapter
  • Ultra Accurate ± 0.5% F.S., ±1 LSD
  • 300° Rotating Head adjusts viewing angle
  • 800 Data Memory recall data on the display or download
  • Output Data USB virtual COM port sends peak
    (1 data) or continuous data (12 or 180 data/second)
  • Programmable High and Low setpoints with both audible beep and Green/Red LED indicator for uniform torque tightening or GO/NO GO testing
  • Peak, Real Time, Peak Down and Continuous Output modes (selectable)
  • Selectable units lbf-in, kgf-cm, N-cm and N-m
  • Statistics: number of data, Max, Min, Avg
  • Programmable screw tightening counter
  • Programmable Auto Zero function resets unit to zero for easy operation
  • Ergonomic and light weight, yet ruggedly constructed
  • CW and CCW operation
  • 3-Point Certificate traceable to NIST, CW stepless one-way clutch adapter, AC charger and carrying case included.
Optional Quick Spinner and Spinner/Converters

Quick Spinners and Spinner/Converters allow users to quickly rundown the bolt or nut using their fingers before applying torque.

BE2-Q 1/4″ to 1/4″ Quick Spinner

BE3-Q 3/8″ to 3/8″ Quick Spinner

BE4-Q 1/2″ to 1/2″ Quick Spinner

Spinner/Converters have a lower profile than conventional adapters.

BAE23 converts 1/4″ to 3/8″ drive
BAE34 converts 3/8″ to 1/2″ drive