SW-1A-D4 Durometer Data Acquisition Software

SW-1A-D4 Hardness Data Acquisition Software

SW-1A-D4 Durometer Data Acquisition Software

Product Description

SW-1A-D4 Durometer Data Acquisition Software is a highly customized Excel spreadsheet specifically designed for capturing and analyzing peak and timed data from the Asker D4 and D4. The software utilizes the RS-232 output of the D4 Digital Durometer.

SW-1A-D4 Durometer Data Acquisition Software captures peak and/or timed data readings and provides a running log of all durometer measurements along with a chart of the data as well as statistical information including Min, Max, Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, Average Deviation and Variance.

Because all data is entered directly into a standard Excel spreadsheet, you are virtually unlimited in your ability to analyze your torque tester data using all of the powerful tools available in Excel.

Windows PC Software Requirements: Windows XP or later and Excel 2003 or later.