Digital Surface Speed Meter

HSS Surface Speed Meter and Tachometer

HSS Surface Speed Meter and TachometerHSS Digital Surface Speed MeterHSS Panel Tachometer

Digital Surface Speed Meter

Model HSS-_ _ (110/220 VAC)
Model HSS-_ _ (24VDC)

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The HSS digital surface speed meter consists of an industrial grade heavy-duty surface speed encoder with metal housing and large bearings and a digital indicator. The system delivers repeatable and accurate measurements of surface speed. The dual, anti-slip rubber rimmed wheels are perfect for measuring paper, plastic, laminates and other smooth finish materials. Dedicated units measure in ft/min, in/min, yd/min, m/min, and cm/min. Comes with a four foot cable.

110/220 VAC
Accuracy: ±0.3%
ModelsUnitSpeed RangeResolution
HSS-Fft/min1.0 ~ 400.00.1
HSS-INinch/min12 ~ 47001
HSS-Yyard/min0.3 ~ 110.10.1
HSS-Mm/min0.3 ~ 120.00.1
HSS-CMcm/min30 ~ 120001
24 VDC
Accuracy: ±0.3%
ModelsUnitSpeed RangeResolution
HSSD-Fft/min1.0 ~ 400.00.1
HSSD-INinch/min1.2 ~ 47001
HSSD-Yyard/min0.3 ~ 110.10.1
HSSD-Mm/min0.3 ~ 120.00.1
HSSD-CMcm/min30 ~ 120001