Foam Hardness Tester

Foam hardness tester application

Foam hardness tester applicationAsker X-F Durometer

Foam Hardness Tester

Series X-F

Product Description

  • High performance and accuracy
  • Calibration cert traceable to NIST included
  • Optional ISO-17025 calibration available
  • Durable metal case

The Asker high performance foam hardness tester is used to test the hardness of soft materials like sponge rubber and urethane foam. The tester uses its own weight to test which eliminates varying hand pressure. The tester features portable design, ease of operation, non-destructive measurement and an optional peak indicator. Accuracy is ±.75 point.


The X-F durometer, foam hardness tester is placed on the sample and its own weight exerts constant pressure to move the indentor. The depth of the indentor is measured, which provides a measure of the material’s hardness. Values are based upon a 100 point scale (accuracy ±.75 point). However, as time elapses the indicator will “creep” back so that a reading taken a few seconds after the indentor makes contact with the sample will be less than the peak reading. Asker durometers offer a peak indicator as an option to more closely monitor the difference between peak and “creep”.

What’s Included with the Durometer?

X-F durometers are sold as kits. All new durometer purchases include: durometer, hard plastic carrying case and 3-Point Calibration certificate traceable to NIST.

MaterialUrethane foam, sponge and polystyrene foam
StandardAsker F
Measuring ForceWeight of the durometer