P2 Auto Loading Durometer

P2 Auto Loading Durometer

P2 Auto Loading DurometerP2 Auto Loading DurometerFlexible Coupling Aligns To Angled Surfaces

P2 Auto Loading Durometer

Model P2-A Shore A scale
Model P2-D Shore D scale
Model P2-D0 Shore D0 scale
Model P2-C Asker C scale
Model P2-E Asker E scale

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The P2 Auto Loading Durometer maximizes the repeatability of hardness tests. The P2 features digital speed control to ensure constant speed during hardness tests. The proprietary flexible coupling ensures perfect contact with test samples. All operation and program functions are controlled using the touch screen LCD panel or remotely using an Ethernet connection. Both automated or manual tests can be performed. Dual timers enable recording of the “creep phenomenon” or tendency of the reading to move back as time elapses from the moment the sensor makes full contact with the sample.

Optional SW-1 Data Acquisition Software

Use SW-1 software to capture and analyze peak and timed data from the RS-232 port. A running log of all the data is displayed along with a chart. Calculates max/min, average, and standard deviation.

  • Dual Timer Peaks, Peak and Real time Modes
  • Unique flexible coupling automatically aligns to surface of sample to provide super stable reliable reading
  • Digital speed control
  • Precision stepping motor
  • RS-232 Output
  • Optional data acquisition software available
ModelDurometer ScaleApplicationStandard
P2-AShore ANormal rubberASTM D-2240
P2-DShore DHard rubber & plasticsASTM D-2240
P2-D0Shore D0Dense textile windingsASTM D-2240
P2-CAsker CSoft rubberJIS K-7312
P2-EAsker ESoft rubber & spongeJIS K-6253