Motorized Digital Hardness Tester

D4 Digital Plastic & Rubber Hardness Tester

D4 Digital Plastic & Rubber Hardness TesterD4 Digital Plastic & Rubber Hardness TesterC, A, D Hardness Scales & Indentor Types

Motorized Digital Hardness Tester

For Plastic & Rubber
D4-A (Shore A Scale)
D4-D (Shore D Scale)
D4-C (Asker C Scale)

  • d4, d4a, d4d, d4c, d4-a, d4-d, d4-c

The digital, plastic and rubber hardness tester combines heavy-duty metal construction for stability, standard weights for constant load and digital speed control (0.1~19.9 mm/sec) to maximize consistent results. Additionally, the unique flexible coupling enables the presser foot of the durometer to make perfect contact on flat or angled surfaces.
Measure vulcanized and thermoplastic rubber hardness in Shore A, D and Asker C scales in peak, real time or peak with timer modes with a minimum reading of 0.1 point. The timer (dwell) function offers push button selection of DIN/ISO, JIS and ASTM standard intervals and a user-defined interval (0-99 seconds). Collect peak data from the RS-232 port. Powered by an AC adapter.

Optional SW-1 Data Acquisition Software

Use SW-1 software to capture and analyze peak and timed data from the RS-232 port. A running log of all the data is displayed along with a chart. Calculates max/min, average, and standard deviation.

  • Digital speed control (0.1 to 19.9 mm/second)
  • Proprietary flexible coupling aligns presser foot to angled surfaces
  • Real Time, Peak and Timer Peak (dwell) modes to measure creep
  • RS-232 Output

D4 Hardness Tester Selection

ModelDurometer ScaleWeight
D4-AShore A1000g
D4-CAsker C1000g
D4-DShore D5000g